Viktor Chernov
Producer and founder at Plaid
In 2010, I visited the First Alternative TV Channel, A1TV, for the first time. Little did I know that this would set the stage for my career for years to come. I started as a set worker and worked my way up to become a head of production and producer. It's been an exhilarating journey, with diverse projects, working with Hollywood stars, and traveling to various countries.

So, visit my projects page and check out what I've been up to before 2023. There's plenty to watch!
BlackPete Pub
My colleague and friend Pete Fomichev and I created a beer blog together. We invented the design and aesthetic ourselves, and I filmed and edited the content during my free time. Unfortunately, at some point, it became challenging to juggle work and life with the blog, and we had to put it on hold. Maybe, one day it will be revived.
Plaid production
In 2023, I started Plaid - a production company. With our partners, we can create almost anything. Video & Audio, Web & Design, Offline production. You have a marketing strategy - we'll develop solutions for it.

Our mission is to make awesome stuff that people will love, and we do it fast and efficiently.

Our production website is currently being developed, yet we are already engaged in projects and stand ready to be of service to you.
+382 69 516754
All photo and video materials belong to their owners and are used for demonstration purposes only. Please do not use them in commercial projects.
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