I was lucky enough to get my start in the film industry thanks to Natalia Arutyunova's low-budget debut movie. Georgy Leonov, the DOP, invited me to help out with the expedition block. It was an awesome experience being out in rural Russia during winter, working on a film crew of only three people. I had to do all sorts of tasks, like setting up lights in the snow, changing lenses in the freezing cold, and lugging around a generator. But even with all the challenges, being part of the mysterious world of cinema filled me with so much joy and energy. And let's not forget about the brandy we always had on hand to warm us up!

The project also gave me the chance to meet some pretty big actors for the first time, like Sergey Batalov, Nikita Tarasov, and Lev Konstantinovich Durov.

To my delight, the film made it to the big screen, which is not always the case with auteur cinema. It was also my first movie premiere, making it an unforgettable experience.
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