The idea to build a studio emerged thanks to Igor Muller, Sergey Makeev, and Luminita Chobanu. My encounters with them varied greatly, but they all shared a passion for music and sound. I love music too, so we decided to go for it.

Almost every brick, each sound panel, ceiling, or floor tile – was installed by my hands as well. I designed the studio myself, consulting with industry experts along the way. I even read a book on room acoustics. In 2014, we opened our doors.

"Merger" is one of the most significant projects of my studio, Plaid, in terms of sound post-production. It was our first international project. Lila Serezhkina (Lila Chen), a director who moved to the US to study, was preparing a short film project for her diploma and festivals, and she invited us to participate.

We received only rough sound from the set for production. What followed was pure magic. Day and night, we brainstormed and recorded Foley, cleaned the sound, and crafted the overall atmosphere. I stumbled upon the music by chance, searching for a query that reflected the essence of the film. The first link hit the mark, not only with the music but even the composition's title resonated with the concept. And once again, magic – the American band Nox Arcana gave us permission to use the song for free!

The result was excellent. The New York Film Academy instructors gave us special mention during their viewing, highly praising the quality of our work.
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