So, I had my very first experience working on a project with the Efes company's GreenBeer promotion. The production team, who went by the name "Champions of the Universe," aired the show on the First Alternative TV channel. The hosts, VJ Chuk (also known as 4akiboy) and Dimon, were such a dynamic duo that made the whole experience even better.

To be honest, I don't remember all the details of the project, but one thing that sticks out was the slogan they used: "Look for adventures on your butt!" It perfectly captured the essence of the show.

Working on this production was such a wild ride because everyone had to wear multiple hats in the "intimate" setting. I ended up doing a bit of everything, from being the location manager and prop master to the camera operator, lighting technician, administrator, extras coordinator, and even costume designer. I'm immensely grateful for this invaluable industry experience, and I have Dusya, Alexey Karpov, and Dmitry Petrov to thank for that. Along the way, I met some special people, many of whom I still share both professional and personal bonds with to this day.
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