The 'Anecdote Show' for me is a cornerstone project in the company. This was the project I initially joined to work on, and with it, I grew and developed, reacquainting with a multitude of wonderful people on both sides of the camera. And the project evolved along with me. We improved the set and incorporated more modern shooting equipment and lighting. All episodes are available exclusively on the 'Odnoklassniki' network, but you can see it on YouTube, via the link at the bottom of the page.

As this concludes my journey with WMG, I must add a few general words. My professional and personal growth during the three years at the company has been significant. There were countless challenges, and I managed to overcome most of them. I learned how to create large and small budgets proficiently. My project and people management skills have improved. I learned tonnes about filming and equipment. I started shooting backstage. I began my vlog.

I was allowed to learn, explore, and implement. What could be better? Thanks to Vladimir Mikulich, Vadim Galygin, and Petr Fomichev. Thanks to all my comrades, all contractors, and all viewers. There's more to come!

PS: It's already here. But the projects are so cool that they are all under strict confidentiality agreements. But this is just the beginning of a new chapter - Plaid Production.
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